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Live Streaming has never been so easy on your favorite devices. Download ThopTv Official Apk and enjoy countless premium ThopTv features. Thoptv stream is the best live tv apk that is renowned for its premier unmatched streaming quality.

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Download Thop TV APK

What Is ThopTV? 

Thop TV is a subscription based application that has gained a lot of popularity on the internet in recent years. According to a source, there are thousands of paying subscribers, to be precise about the quantity there are more than 15k active users. It has millions of viewers that watch sports, movies, and other TV shows from various channels. So to enjoy your favorite dramas, movies, songs, serials, TV Shows, and live sports channels just download ThopTv Pro Apk. However paid streaming applications are slightly better than free streaming application versions because of the advancement of features and quick bug fixes through instant updates, which scales up the user experience.

In recent years the global trend towards streaming has changed drastically because people are too busy with their daily hustle and cant spend quality time with family and friends. Thoptv and other free and paid streaming platforms give you a chance to electrify your weekends with your loved ones freely!

Features Of ThopTV

Take a look at the remarkable features of the App before downloading it.

  • 30,000+ HD channels globally
  • 6,000+ Indian entertainment channels
  • 5,000+ Radio channels
  • 800,000+ movies
  • Millions of Tv serials are also available on the Pro Tv App
  • No Registration process
  • Easy customizations
  • Provide alerts and notifications of your favorite movies and dramas
  • User-friendly interface which makes it easy to use which boasts the user experience
  • Add your favorite movies to the Favorite list an watch them anytime
  • It also supports firesticks
  • Thop Tv Pro Apk Supports MX Player for high-quality streaming
  • The cast section is also available.
  • Compatible with all android devices
  • Live chat support
  • Safe and Secure 

Use Of ThopTv Pro Apk

You can use ThopTv Pro Apk in live streaming of your various cricket matches. Watch online international cricket matches as well as cricket matches from different leagues i.e.: Indian Premier League (IPL) etc, without buffering and losing video quality! 

Watch Live Cricket Matches on ThopTV

If you’re a die-hard cricket fan, you would love to know that you can stream as much cricket you want. Watch Live cricket till your last breath on Thop Tv HD. ThopTV broadcasts live cricket tournaments such as the ICC World Cup (Men and Women’s), ICC World Twenty20 (Men and Woman’s), Champions Trophy, and other country based international leagues i.e.: IPL (Indian Premier League), BPL Bangladesh Premier League, CPL (Caribbean premier league), (Big Bash League) and etc.

Watch ThopTv Movies

You can browse through the limitless collection of movies that are on ThopTv. These movies support 25+ global languages and 60+ languages that are spoken in different parts of India ie:

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Gujrati
  • Bengali
  • And many more!

ThopTv has an extravagant collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies that feature different genres like Romantic, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, etc.

Pros of Thop Tv Apk

The Pros of Thop tv HD are enlisted below:

  • Subtitles Available [ Subtitles will help you in watching your favorite movies without any communication barrier, you can simply turn on/off subtitles on your own will ]
  • Amazing Android Compatibility [ ThopTv Application has a great compatibility with all new and old versions of android operating systems ]
  • 100% Free of Cost [ No subscription charges or payment problems, completely free to use ]
  • HD, UHD, and 4K Streaming [ Supports ultimate quality of video streaming ]
  • Customer Support [ Amazing and efficiently interactive customer support ]
  • User-friendly Interface [ The (UI) User Interface in very well disposed and is super easy to use, irrespective of the users age ]
  • Several Categories and Options [ There are many different genres and categories that are present in Thoptv Apk, which makes it easy to navigate while using the application ]
  • Smart Search Option [ Smart search is a basically a new and advanced search option that is added in the application ]
  • Latest Version [ This is the latest version of Thop Tv, which has new features and all old software based problems are fixed ]
  • Lightweight App [ The application is very lightweight, and take’s a very minimal storage but is capable of doing a heavy tasks ]
  • Inbuilt Media Players [ You don’t need to download separate media player’s like VCL, Pot Player, KM player, etc. to watch your favorite movie’s, drama’s and other media content. Inbuilt media player provides a very smooth and premium experience in terms of user experience ]

ThopTv latest Version and Device Compatibility

Thop Tv official supports almost all devices that are android 4.4.4 or higher. It is downloadable in smart phone’s, smart TVs, and PCs.

Download ThopTV for Android Tv

You can also download the Thoptv application on your smart Tv in just one click with the same feature as other versions. Thop Tv application for smart tv and for android tv is the versions of the same application with two different names, so you don’t really need to find another source to download it.

Download ThopTV for Pc

Thoptv also has a downloadable pc version, which is specially built for pc but has the same features and specifications. 

Download ThopTV for iOS

There is no such thing as ThopTv for ios free download because ios is not an open source and doesn’t really allow you to download applications via browsers like chrome, opera, etc. You need to jailbreak or crack it first to do so. 

Download Thoptv for Android

It is available in android devices with Thoptv classical and Thoptv official features so that you can enjoy streaming anywhere anytime!

Thop TV Errors Fixed (ThopTv Not Working)

There were a few issues that were present in ThopTv’s old version but now these issues are fixed after the update and things are smooth back again. The latest version of ThopTv Apk is completely free from every glitch and bug! Moreover one of the most common errors that occur is, ThopTv unable to connect to the server, which is usually caused due to server downtime, but now because it’s fixed in the updated version, so you won’t have to face it.

Thop TV Complete Guide: How To Install ThopTV Pro Apk/ ThopTV Live TV Installation Guide (Step by Step – Video Tutorial)

Don’t know how to download ThopTv Apk? Here is a complete step-by-step guide that will explain to you the entire downloading process. You can also watch the video tutorial that we have added in the last for your ease! 🙂

  • First delete any of the previously installed versions on Thop Tv Apk.
  • Click the Download button on our website and Download the ThopTv Apk file.
  • Go to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > and turn on ‘allow’ “unknown source” from your settings.
  • After downloading the file on your device go to “My files”. 
  • Install the apk by clicking on it after doing the settings mentioned above.

Note: In case the Apk doesn’t work try to delete and reinstall it once again using the same method!

How to Use ThopTv App?

After downloading/installing the app you are ready to use it. Click the downloaded application icon and open the app. Welcome to your Mod Tv application. Now you can see a lot of tv channels and categories that are present on the applications home screen and you can easily select any one of them and start using the applications or you can simply click the hamburger icon on the top left of the interface, that will expand the complete menu in front of you.

You can search movies, serials, dramas, matches of your choice through the smart search option. You can easily sign in to the application if you already have an existing account, don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can make a new user account in a matter of seconds. It barely takes 15 to 20 seconds to make a Thoptv account. But if you don’t have an existing account and you don’t want to make one either it’s completely fine because you don’t really need an account to operate your Thop tv application! 🙂

ThopTv Reviews

You can find a lot of great reviews on Thop Tv online, which are genuine, unbiased, and 100% authentic on famous forum websites like Quora and Medium. User’s really loved this Tv Apk just because it’s efficient in its multi-purpose streaming use. There are other Thoptv alternatives that you can use to watch your desired channels, streams, and movies.

Thoptv for android


So, basically, when it comes to streaming applications ThopTv Apk is definitely one of the big names in the market, and without any hesitation, it is the best free live tv apk that can be downloaded easily without any hassle and the most important is that it’s trustworthy! There are countless features in the Thoptv application that are quite astounding, to be honest! and this is the reason why Thoptv standout among the rest. is the top tv download site. So what are you waiting for? Download Thoptv Apk Now and enjoy! Happy Streaming! 

Download ThopTv APK for Android from World’s Number 1 Tv Apk Website!

Read the above mentioned instructions carefully and download the apk by clicking the button below. Also, read the frequently asked question below we update the FAQ according to the need of the users and the problems they face. You can also comment down below to tell us about your experience on our Apk file.

Download Thop TV APK


We have already answered some frequently asked questions for you so that you don’t find any trouble while using the application. 🙂

Yes! ThopTv is a completely safe application to use!

No, it won’t update itself! Whenever the update is required you have to visit our website to download the new version!

No! ThopTv is not available on the play store.

No! ThopTv is not an Indian app. It’s a Chinese app but it has all of the Indian movies, dramas, and Tv shows!

No! Making an account is not necessary, you can use the application as a guest.

No, you don’t need to pay for anything, every feature is free on ThopTv, and there are no hidden charges.

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